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Frequently Asked Questions...
How do I choose a repair facility?
The best time to choose a repair facility is before you need one. The experiences of your family and friends who have had a vehicle repaired may help guide you in your choice of a facility. If you can, stop by a repair facility to talk with the estimators, inspect the facilities and ask to see the types of repairs they are performing to evaluate the quality of the work. Being prepared and knowing where you want your vehicle repaired will come in handy when you have to make that kind of a decision.
Do I have to report the need for repairs to my agent and/or insurance company?
It is your decision to contact your agent and/or insurance company; at times, an individual may decide to not have their insurance company pay for the damage. If you do decide to submit a claim to your insurance company, it must be the policy holder that notifies your agent and/or insurance company that your vehicle needs repair.
Can I take my vehicle to the shop I choose or do I have to take it to a shop my insurance company identifies?
According to State laws, you can have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.
What is a claim number?
A claim number is a number issued to you by your insurance company that identifies the damage loss you are claiming for insurance coverage.
Do you write estimates?
Yes, we write estimates during normal business hours.
Are estimates free?
There is no charge to receive an estimate.
Do I need to schedule an appointment for an estimate?
It is not necessary to schedule an appointment but if you would like to schedule for a specific time, please give us a call.
Do I have to bring my vehicle in for an estimate?
Yes, however in certain situations we may be able to inspect the vehicle off-site. Please contact us for more information.
Can I get an estimate over the phone?
Due to the many differences in vehicles and vehicle repairs we only write estimates upon visual inspection of the vehicle. By doing this we are able to provide you with a detailed estimate.
Can I drop off my car outside of normal business hours?
Yes. When you leave your car for scheduled repairs just place your keys in our key drop-box and we´┐Żll be able to get started on your vehicle as planned.
Do we repair/replace windshields?
Yes, we have qualified glass companies that will perform glass repair/replacement at our facility. Times are scheduled in advance after an estimate has been completed.
Can I get a ride home after I drop my vehicle off?
Yes, during normal business hours we are able to drive you to your home or work (within 15 miles of our location). Please call ahead to schedule.
Do we pick-up/deliver vehicles?
Yes, we are able to pick-up drivable vehicles and deliver vehicles within 15 miles of our shop.
Do you repair frames on cars and trucks?
Yes, we have frame equipment and qualified technicians that are able to repair damage to a frame on most cars and trucks.
Do you arrange towing?
Yes, if your vehicle needs towing we can make arrangements for your vehicle to be picked up and brought to our facility.
How long will it take to get my vehicle repaired?
Vehicle repairs can vary a great deal due to the extent of damage, paint work, parts availability, etc. The estimator will be able to tell you the approximate length of time needed for repairing your vehicle at the time the estimate is written.
Does my insurance company send me the check for the repair of my vehicle or do they send it directly to you?
Each insurance company has their own policies with regard to payment, however, in most situations, payment is made by the insurance company directly to the shop.
What is a Direct Repair Facility (Shop)?
A direct repair facility is a facility that has formed an alliance with an insurance company. The shop must meet certain criteria established by the specific insurance company and must agree to do business according to the established criteria and guidelines. These types of programs are referred to as Direct Repair Programs (DRP).

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